Thomas Media Consultancy

Grow your business and achieve your goals with digital marketing.

We help businesses achieve growth through a combination of services including marketing strategy, social media campaigns, website design, graphic design, email newsletters, text messaging, leaflet distribution, print and design, newspapers and magazines, script writing and radio and video production.

Thomas Media Consultancy

Increase your Golf Membership with digital marketing.

At Thomas Media, we work with a whole range of businesses from a variety of sectors, including SME’S, sport organisations and the public sectors. However, we do specialise and stand out in one area and that is the golf industry, especially golf clubs.

Thomas Media Consultancy

Increase your gates with digital marketing.

Thomas media will visit your club and we will take a thorough look at the way your business operates, what assets you have that are not utilised and how key members of the business perform. We will then prepare and present a blue print for your business to help it move forward and become more commercially viable.

Thomas media is one of the UK’s leading marketing and media consultants for small businesses.

We help businesses achieve growth through a combination of services including marketing strategy, social media campaigns, website design, and business development. We cover all walks of media platforms including digital and traditional like newspapers and radio.

Social Media

Social media is an ideal starting point for any small business, with minimal risk and very little investment required to achieve measurable results.

Web Design

Professional, unique, engaging and results-focused web design. A well designed website is a vital part of a modern marketing strategy.

Graphic Design

Our professional design service can create unique artwork that is designed specifically to promote you product or service to your ideal customers.

Radio & Video

Traditional platforms are still highly recommended especially if you want to target that all important 21-35 year old demographic.

Email Design

Email design and campaign services are available through us. We will buy the relevant target data then design and email your message direct to your potential customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO helps visibility on the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. 90% of the nation are now Googling there product or service.

Leaflet Distribution

We help businesses of all types and sizes to generate new business through our professional distribution of leaflets, flyers and other marketing material.

Newspapers & Magazines

The variety of newspapers and magazines available in the UK make them an irresistible medium. With the digital revolution taking hold, these platforms are also available online.

Starter Packages for Small Business

Thomas media offers a selection of tailor-made marketing packages to suit small and start-up business.

Our Process


We will look at all the possible marketing solutions and agree with you the best way forward to achieve the results you require. An hourly rate will be charged for our consultancy services.

Effective marketing begins with strategy: understanding where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there. A clear and well-defined strategy will enable you to achieve your marketing goals – whether that’s increasing sales, driving traffic to your website, boosting profits, or delighting customers. You can then sit back and start to enjoy the benefits of increased business that a planned marketing strategy can potentially bring.

Our Company


At Thomas Media we don’t claim to have the best ideas, design, people or even creatives, but what we do have is the over 25 years’ experience as well as the ability to listen to you, the most important asset that your business has. Once we have listened to you and evaluated your strengths and weaknesses, we will then and only then advise you on the way to take your business forward with what you can afford, have to offer and into the correct market place to give you a return on your investment.

We will communicate with you, to help you to communicate with your potential customers in a way that is affordable and right for your business or operation.

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